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Make Comfort Easier for Your Customers

The EASE Comfort Rental Program introduces your customers to an easier way to experience comfort by eliminating a large upfront expense for unfamiliar equipment and their need to manage and maintain their homes’ HVAC systems.

They’ll say hello to a new high-efficiency HVAC system for one low monthly payment—while saying goodbye to unexpected, expensive repairs, labor fees, installation charges, seasonal maintenance costs, parts and overtime fees, worries, hassles, and headaches.

Provides Competitive Advantages, Increasing Market Share
  • Few competitors have the financial resources, scale, and personnel to execute the rental strategy.
  • You'll be able to offer your customers a unique offering with a value proposition unrivalled by your competitors
Enhances Closing Rates, Increases Customer “Stickiness”, and Creates Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Offering the rental program provides value and peace of mind to customers unmatched in the marketplace, driving higher closing rates (whether a sale, finance or rental)
  • Recurring rental payments creates customers for life
  • High-touch nature of the rental program creates frequent opportunities to cross-sell other home comfort products needed by the customer
Enhances Operations and Reduces Turnover
  • Smooths the technician workload, as rental assets’ maintenance activities can be scheduled during the off-season, keeping technicians busy year-round and reducing unwanted turnover
  • Improves operating/logistics efficiency, financial operating leverage, and margins.
Aligns Interest of Customers and Contractors
  • Contractors are incented to proactively optimize and extend asset life and lower maintenance costs
  • Customers enjoy the benefits of competitive rental pricing and no unexpected expensive repairs
Enhances Enterprise Value
  • Replaces seasonal, non-recurring income with contracted, long-term, recurring cash flow.
  • Businesses with recurring cash flows enjoy higher valuation multiples than those with unpredictable and lumpy cash flows.
Increases Asset Intensity
  • Converts your business from an asset-light to an asset-heavy enterprise with life-of-asset rental contracts.
  • Creates a large and diverse portfolio of  rental contracts, which are high-quality collateral with creditworthy customers.

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