Potential Partners

Join the Granite Comfort Team

Granite Comfort seeks to acquire established, leading residential HVAC contractors in attractive markets. If you’re a strong leader who will work with us to capitalize upon the EASE Comfort Rental Program, you may have what it takes to join us—especially if you are a process-driven organization.

“Granite Comfort was knowledgeable and creative.  They did what they promised and the organization is helping me realize my objectives of building a bigger, more stable and efficient business.”

– Paul Mills President of Air Experts

Why Partner with Granite Comfort?

Partnering with Granite Comfort could yield the following benefits:

  • Management continuity and a continued focus on maintaining and strengthening your brand;
  • Opportunity to accelerate your brand’s differentiation and growth through the methodical and measured roll-out of a rental offering;
  • Access to capital to fund rental offering and facilitate further market penetration;
  • Opportunity to increase lead-to-close rates (by offering customers the unique option to either buy, finance or rent) and to enhance cross-selling of other service offerings to rental customers;
  • Leverage the experience and expertise of a seasoned executives who has a proven record of supporting management in the implementation of a highly-successful rental model and experience working with management to deliver operational improvements; and
  • Participate in an organization with a growing family of companies that can contribute to and benefit from best practices in both traditional and rental HVAC business models.

You (the Owner) could also be able to:

  • Capitalize on the success of your business and receive personal liquidity for wealth diversification without ceding management of your company;
  • Expand the legacy of your brand by being an integral part of, and driving force behind, transforming the HVAC market into rental and expanding your brand into adjacent markets;
  • Strengthen your business’s relationship with your customer from a one-time (sales) interaction to an on-going (rental and service) relationship;
  • Energize your management and broader team members by providing potential for upward mobility and being integral to an expansive growth plan that shares in and contributes to best practices with other businesses within the Granite Comfort family;
  • Enhance your existing brand, culture and legacy, while creating long-term value for your brand; and
  • Participating with Granite Comfort’s value-enhancement strategy; Granite Comfort’s management and investors have a long-term horizon and strategy that is dedicated to growing businesses and conducting itself with the highest degree of integrity and outstanding service to its customers.

Key Criteria in a Partner:

We are interested in partnering with companies with the following “ideal” characteristics:

  • strong brands and infrastructure to serve as growth platforms and to deploy the rental strategy
  • strong leadership that remains interested in continuing to grow the business and supplementing its growth with our financial resources and expertise in implementing a unique rental model
  • Primarily HVAC installation and service
  • Less than 30% new home construction
  • Less than 30% commercial (light commercials is fine)
  • Less than 40% plumbing/electrical/other
  • Approximate 800 or more HVAC installations per year (for initial platforms in a market)
  • $1+ million in adjusted EBITDA (for initial platforms in a market)

If this sounds like your business—and if you want to grow it by using a substantial infusion of capital to fund the EASE Comfort Rental Program—we want to hear from you.

Complete the information in the form and a Granite Comfort representative will be in touch.

Confidential Submission

    Please note that while the above represent “ideal” attributes, we recognize that there rarely is an HVAC contractor that fits the “ideal”; also, there is flexibility depending on a variety of factors. For example, the size and scale criteria depend on whether such company represents a new platform company in a new market for Granite Comfort or if such company is in an adjacent market where Granite Comfort already has a platform. Also, if you think your business may not fit our size criteria but know of a business that together with yours might, we would consider partnering with both businesses.